Red Deer Piling`s drilling and grouting knowledge is used to safely and securely strengthen existing unstable slopes and to permit re-grading for the development of new facilities. Our slope stabilization projects use Post-Tensioned Anchors and Retention Walls in order to directly oppose the slide forces and to expand shear resistance along existing or potential failure surfaces. Thorough geotechnical assessments identify serious stability conditions and possible sliding mechanisms. Case-specific analysis, implementation, and design are necessary to minimize risk at each stage in the course of enhancing the slope factor of safety for both long term solutions and emergency repairs. Our cased drilling methods are most suited to the variable ground profiles encountered inside slide areas, and reduce the hazards associated with the introduction of drilling fluids into marginal ground.


Post-tensioned anchors effectively enhance both sheer and lateral resistance. Anchors can be drilled over 200 feet fully cased to enter and transfer load past potential slip planes. Small crawler mounted drills can work from short-term construction benches on marginal slopes. Load resistance is shifted into the slope through reinforced concrete pads bearing straight onto the exposed face.

Retention walls, principally secant pile or soldier pile and lagging walls, are most often used for slope stabilization. Permanent retention systems are constructed to oppose the full slide pressure. Temporary shoring is also used to allow slope re-grading or construction of shear keys by replacement and removal of weak soil zones within the ground profile.


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