Red Deer Piling is an industry leader in installing earth retention systems. The company has carried out many structural reinforcement projects successfully and is the first choice for customers. Our earth retention projects offers structural rigidity and blend with the natural aesthetics.

Earth retention systems are the best way to regain the structural rigidity where excavations are made. Installation of an earth retention system demands experience, professionalism and the necessary expertise to carry out the job. This is why Red Deer Piling is Canada’s first choice for earth retention systems because Canadians only deserve the best!

Red Deer Piling creates earth retention plans to provide additional structural rigidity designs that blends with the landscape. We maintain a strong team of experienced professionals and many years of expertise in carrying out a wide range of earth retention jobs. Our supervisors visit your site and suggest you the right earth retention technique for your specific needs. There are different types of earth retention techniques and each one is different in their strength, cost and difficulty.

Choosing the right earth retention system for your job is very important as this will help you to save money and time. Customers must be ensured peace of mind with their earth retention jobs. Red Deer Piling sends our experienced supervisors to understand your requirements and give you the best earth retention choice that can practically last a lifetime. Our business policy is to be done with it once and for all, and avoid any recurring costs.

We undertake various earth retention programs such as temporary shoring, permanent earth retention, landslide stabilization, and speciality foundations. We make sure that all procedures that we carry out comply with the local laws and the quality of jobs we undertake is superior to set guidelines. The many complex government guidelines ensure that customers are protected in each job but there are only a handful of companies that can carry out a task with perfection.

Red Deer Piling takes pride in the fact that our earth retention programs always delivery a little more than the client expectations. We work closely with our clients from the beginning to implement an earth retention system that is best suited for the client needs. We use superior materials and best equipment to guarantee that a work is carried out with the expected quality. We strictly avoid using inferior materials and use best practices with no shortcuts in all our earth retention projects to guarantee the best results.

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