Your business operation depends on everything running smoothly and efficiently. However, if you see your structure is going through corrosion and heavy ware, it’s a sign that things are slowing down. The only thing that can protect your structures and keep them intact for years to come is metalizing.

What Is Metalizing?

Metalizing is a specific industry process that involves thermal spraying on metal structures and is relevant to a large number of industries. It involves coating structures with melted metal material for extra protection against corrosion and rust. A solid material is atomized, liquefied, made into a substrate and finally re-solidified into a strong coating material.

Field Metalizing – The Competitive Advantage

The field metalizing process is known to be one of the most cost-effective methods for greater rust prevention. In addition, the time taken for the entire process is much shorter than any conventional painting. Here are some advantages for choosing metalizing:

Durability and Greater Strength

  • Metalizing lasts longer than any conventional paint coatings which reduce the need for any repainting or blasting.
  • it does not shrink on sharp edges, but wraps around angles easily
  • It forms an ion exchange which creates a molecular bond of metal on the surface
  • It has better adhesion along with being non porous, impermeable and abrasion resistant
  • It has a fantastic resistance towards undercutting, panel rusting and blistering


Quick and Safe Application

  • The recovery time after metalizing is just seconds and not hours or days
  • Metalizing can be done with a large variety of materials.
  • The heat transmission is almost immediate, preventing the heat transfer to surrounding areas or any scoring of the areas below the surface.
  • It can produce surface of greater texture and profile.


Weather Resistant

  • Field metalizing is unaffected by any type of weather, which means that field metalizing can be done at any time of the year.
  • It lasts up to 10 times longer than any conventional paint job.
  • It does not give in to weather delays and can be applied in almost any kind of climactic conditions.


Environmental Friendly

  • It does not contain any kind of hazardous waste or volatile organic compounds
  • It does not involve any kind of chemicals or solvents
  • It can stand the test of time without being affected by the UV exposure
  • It has been approved by the U.S. environmental protection agency

Red Deer Piling being a completely family-owned business has earned its reputation through years of experience in field metalizing. Our extensive experience and expertise in the field is our driving force behind our success, and has made us the leading pile and foundation business in the industry.

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