Driven Piles can be considered a complete engineering solution and the most cost-effective deep foundation method. The quality, design and installation associated with Driven Piles can help you get rid of any insecurity and is known to be one of the most reliable and acknowledged product that can take care of a wide variety of subsurface conditions.

Driven Piles – Gives You High-Quality
The biggest benefit of driven piles is that they maintain their shape during the installation process and do not budge in soft soil conditions. You can be sure that they are not vulnerable to any damages resulting from the installation of subsequent piles. Driven piles are pre-manufactured structured shapes built to precise tolerances with the help of strong materials and trustworthy quality control. Our driven piles confirm to the ASTM standards, so you can be sure that the quantity of the product is consistent from the very first pile to the last.

Driven Piles –Increases Your Savings
Driven pile is known to be the most cost-effective deep founding solution for your purpose because you pay only for what you need and there are no extra expenses added for site cleanup. The wide availability of different shapes and materials for driven piles can be easily altered for highly structural strength, which allows them to tolerate more loads. This increases quality and requires few piles per project. This means that you would be saving substantially on your foundation cost.

The pile capacity you need can be easily estimated by dynamic or static testing. The length or the capacity per pile can be easily customized to provide exactly what you need, so you do not have to spend extra on foundation cost. The thorough testing also gets rid of any capacity uncertainty estimates based on the static or dynamic analysis.

An additional benefit of driven piles is that they often increase capacity after the installation is done. The strength of the shaft soil typically increases the time once the installation is complete and provides any extra load capacity. This is usually known as the ‘setup’ which leads to substantial cost savings on your foundation and can be confirmed by testing. Allowing setup into your foundation design helps you to take up fewer piles which again require very light equipment. This on the whole, saves a lot of time, labor and materials – providing considerable cost savings to the owner.

Red Deep Piling’s Diverse Piling Fleet Includes:

  • Conventional crane mounted
  • Mobile crane mounted
  • Track mounted pile drivers

The above are known to offer utmost efficiency in different types of construction. Red Deep Piling possesses and uses diesel and hydraulic hammers for piling installation. We are able to install piles ranging from 4″ to 36″ inches in diameter and can install depth 19m depths without splicing.

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