A Pile load test is one of the most accurate methods of calculating the load capacity of a pile. Until and unless a pile is not tested for any potential failures, the civil engineer would not be able to recommend appropriate measures prior to any foundation design. Pile testing is relevant to almost any kind of deep foundation that has similarity to piles, despite the technique of installation. Pile testing involves the use of load which can displace the base and estimate its capacity from the response.

Red Deer Piling is constantly looking forward to more successful methods of supervise pile construction to give you an accurate estimate. To ensure a safe foundation as desired, the strength of each pile must fulfill both geotechnical and structural limits present. Taking up a pile load test is the most accurate method of estimating the ultimate geotechnical capacity of a pile.

In complex and challenging projects, an initial load test program can help the design engineer to choose the right pile type of the job which can withstand any kind of strain during driving. Pile load test detects any shortcoming or pile damage before starting the project and help the design engineer to choose the correct pile type fit for the job. It also cuts down pile length with right end-of-driving requirements. Pile Load test avoids pile damage from excess driving.

Types of Pile Load Tests

Static and dynamic pile load tests can be performed on driven and drilled piles to estimate their lateral or axial capacities. Static load tests involve loading piles and estimating deflection, whereas, dynamic load tests uses stress wave analysis of pile deflection caused by dynamic loads.

Dynamic Pile Load Tests

Dynamic pile load testing is a comprehensive economic solution to evaluate the hammer-pile-soil system based on the calculation of pile velocity and force records under hammer impact. Dynamic pile load test for construction are routinely performed on hundreds of projects throughout the world. It can show pile stresses and integrity during and after the installation.

Static Pile Load Tests

The static load tests is one of the most commonly used technique for pile capacity and is also chosen to be the most effective way to calculate the foundation’s appropriateness to stand firm in any anticipated design load.

Red Deer Piling offers a complete solution for load testing in the most cost-effective manner. With us, companies do not have to worry about quality inspection or identifying defects in concrete structures. We being a completely family-owned business have gained our reputation through years and our experience today has allowed us to serve thousands of customers throughout the country.

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