Screw Piles are an economical, effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pilings. They are being used with great success for foundational piles, portable structure support, telecommunication and solar tower support, tie-back retention and multiple additional uses. once installed, they require no drying or curing time and can be used immediately. When used with temporary or portable structure, screw piles are easily removed with very little ground disturbance.

What are Screw Piles ?
Screw Piles are very basic product consisting of a shaft/pipe and a helix (a spiral forming one full rotation around the shaft). they are typically made of steel and vary in length and diameter, dependent upon their instended use.

How are Screw Piles ?
Screw piles are screwed into the ground with a rotation torque head head, much like a screw is spun into a wall. installation with little to no vibration and minimal ground disturbance.